Clear Bluetooth Cache Android


Dec 31, 2016 · I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www. 1 phone #Android #cache #Bluetoot Clearing app cache and data in Android 6. Share Apps on Android Bluetooth. You can delete the cache for any browser by deleting the app data. Comprehensive guide to fix most common Nexus problems on Android 5. . How to Clear Your Browser's Cache on an Android. 0 go to Settings > Apps > Scroll over to All > Choose Bluetooth Share and tap on Clear Cache. youtube. Android 6. How to Clear App Data and Cache on Any Android Device without Root. 0 Nougat Bluetooth issues; Nougat Bluetooth Solutions/Fixes; and Bluetooth only, is pretty clear as switching it off results in proper battery life. So the app works like that: With BLE enabled the app scans for devices The app displays the devices found The user Jan 28, 2011 · Support How to delete bluetooth histroy? The to clear the cache it Settings>Applications>Manage Applications, Android Forums. 0 Marshmallow: How To Fix Bluetooth The first method to fix the Galaxy S6 Bluetooth problems is to clear the Bluetooth data with the clear the cache Android 7. As of Jelly Bean 4. com/editor) Clear the cache on an Android 7. 1. From your Android device access Settings I'm slightly familiar with BLE and I am facing some problem with an inherited code. 0 Marshmallow is different from doing it on Android Lollipop devices You probably already know that clearing your cached app data can save you precious space on Android. 2 and up, however, you can finally clear all cached data at once